Lots to Sport Flashcards On the GO!



Флаш карти на английски език – Lots to Spot Flashcards: On the Go! contains 27 double-sided flashcards to teach your preschooler numbers, colours and new transport words.

  • Improve your toddler’s vocabulary, number skills and color recognition
  • Simple spotting activity on each card
  • Instruction card gives plenty of tips for multiple ways to use the flashcards

Lots to Spot Flashcards: On the Go! is a captivating set of double-sided flashcards, designed to engage young children as they learn numbers, colours and simple words of recognisable vehicles and things that go. The bold illustrations encourage learning through playing games and having fun. The durable cards have curved corners and are easy for small hands to hold, making them perfect for use at home and while travelling.

  • Подходяща възраст – над 3 год.
  • Брой карти – 27
  • Размер на картите – 11 см х 15 см


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Издателство Miles Kelly


над 3г

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